All of Akoia’s practitioners bring compassionate and healing hands to their practice. If you have questions about which technique is right for you, simply ask at the time of reservation.

Swedish Massage

This classic style has an impeccable reputation with men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Known to reduce pain and joint stiffness, the soothing touch of Swedish massage has nurtured everyone from athletes to patients with osteoarthritis. Enjoy its proven therapeutic benefits as your Akoia specialist applies gliding and kneading strokes in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. In expert hands, gain physical revitalization and renew your sense of emotional balance.

60 Minutes | $100
90 Minutes | $125


Deep Tissue Massage

It seems that the soreness below your shoulder blade just won’t go away. Not to worry; we at Akoia have just the trick. Deep tissue massage is a focused technique that helps correct patterns formed by repeated, erroneous muscle movement. Yield to a healing, medium to firm touch as your practitioner strategically reeducates your muscles to move freely and painlessly.

60 Minutes | $120
90 Minutes | $140


Hot Stone Massage

Basalt stone is a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains so well that Egyptian and Native American cultures each used the stone for therapeutic advantage—and so do we. Your hot stone massage begins before you even arrive, when your Akoia therapist heats the stones to a comfortable temperature. The stones are then placed along specific points on your back corresponding with your particular needs. As they sowly emit warmth, stones are used with long, deep strokes in the Swedish style to loosen up muscle groups and melt away tension.

90 Minutes | $155


Pregnancy Massage

Carrying a child can feel fantastic—and other times, downright uncomfortable. At Akoia, we offer respite for weary mothers with this specially tailored massage treatment. Gently placing pillows and wedges as needed, your Akoia practitioner sets the stage for sweet relief. A light to medium touch reduces tension that causes cramps and spasms, while increasing circulation and calming swelling associated with your pregnancy. All spa products are safe for both mother and baby.

60 Minutes | $100
90 Minutes | $125


Sumunprai Herbal Poultice Massage

For over 400 years, the traditional poultice massage was the saving grace of war-weary Thai soldiers returning home in need of care. The comfort and invigoration of a hot pack treatment await as your Akoia massage therapist prepares a warming blend of herbs and oils wrapped in muslin cloth. Selectively applied, the pack open pores and bring a deep medicinal heat to the muscles, laying the ideal groundwork for the pressure-point massage that follows. Ease aches and pains, condition the skin, and treat your body to total renewal.

90 Minutes | $150


Seasonal Body Polish

As the seasons change, so does your skin. This renewing treatment promotes your skins natural ability to regenerate. Your treatment begins with a mineral-rich sea salt, raw sugarcane and locally harvested grape seed scrub in a cocoa butter base applied by your Akoia therapist. This innovative potion sloughs away dead skin and simultaneously nourishes the entire body. The final touch? A restorative massage with custom blended body oil.

60 Minutes | $100


Blossom Into Bloom

Foot Treatment | Back Massage | Facial

Feeling a bit withered? Let the experts at Akoia coax you into full bloom, beginning by with an aromatherapy foot bath in luxuriously sweet waters. Afterward, open up to a pressure-point back massage administered with sensuous, therapeutic balms. As you begin to blossom, we’ll treat your delicate skin to an herbaceous facial using a customized mask. The result is more than just deep cleansing — it’s absolute escape.

90 Minutes | $145


Massage Enhancements…

Aromatherapy Treatment | $25
Select a seasonal aromatherapy scent to incorporate into your massage treatment.

Body Polish (30 Minutes) | $60
Add a hand-blended, mineral-rich sea salt and sugar cane scrub to any massage treatment.

Foot Massage (15 Minutes) | $25
Your feet represent a virtual map of your body, with thousands of nerve endings corresponding to each and every organ. Your trained Akoia specialist has just the touch to release any tightly held tension and create a sense of grounded well-being. This deeply relaxing treatment starts with a salt scrub, followed by a therapeutic massage of your feet and lower legs using a special balm. Stand strong! Add on to any treatment.